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Saving their bacon - sunscreen saves pigs from sizzling in UK heatwave


Sure in a heatwave all you are thinking about right now is 'why you didn’t order an extra fan off Amazon', but in UK pig circles there's a huge problem. Sun protection.
Pigs naturally get their protection from the sun by rolling in mud. But with a shortage of mud to roll in, new innovative methods are required to keep pigs safe and protected in record 41 degree (106F) temperatures.

Don’t worry, 10 Days & Piz Buin have their backs. 
Introducing Pigz Buin, sunscreen to stop pigs sizzle. Glaze liberally every 2 hours. 

That’s right the BBC reported Pigs will be lathered with sunscreen as crowds flock to the Royal Welsh Show - UK's biggest agricultural show on what is expected to be Wales' hottest day on record. And according to scientists these rising temperatures are here to stay as a result of climate change. 
The campaign was created by creative agency 10 Days in a few hours following an announcement from leading Animal charity RSPCA warning pet-owners to take extra precautions to keep their animals safe in the hot weather. With heatwave warnings focussed on human loss of life, it is important to remind all pet owners to think clever ways to give extra protection to their pets during this heatwave. 

Dominic White, Co Founder at 10 Days: “No one wants pigs to turn to unnecessarily crackling in this heat. We hope this campaign will remind all animals owners, not just pig owners, to take extra steps to look after their pets”

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